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Home Guide home life: how to choose a home lighting

Lamps are the eyes and soul of the modeling light and luminous efficiency directly affects the atmosphere of home life, as well as health or appearance. Roughly divided into an ordinary residential bedroom, living room, study, kitchen and bathroom, the space required for different lighting are not the same. However, restrictions on high-level decision is nothing more than the main contributory ceiling (bedroom, living room, aisle with) - a small number of semi-hanging-style chandeliers, kitchen lights (kitchen, bathroom), and as the light source used in energy-saving lamps.

Bedroom, living room lamps: modeling first

The theme of the bedroom is always warm in the main, it is necessary to avoid feeling depressed, preferred ceiling. Of course, for convenience and the need for decoration, table lamp is also essential to the bedroom. Popular in 2009 mainly on the bedroom ceiling with acrylic, aluminum acrylic-based, as far as possible when choosing the pursuit of simple shapes, soft colors and not garish. Of course, the children's room with ceiling exception, lively and vivid, colorful cartoon is always the subject of taste. As for the selection of acrylic on acrylic or aluminum look of your preferences, and generally suitable for acrylic as a result of processing, modeling will be more volatile, aluminum acrylic atmosphere are generally more simple.

The living room is the home of the public domain, the first to embody the master's self-cultivation and taste, while under different circumstances to pursue the coordination of luminous efficiency. The living room ceiling lighting should choose a strong artistic sense of the lamps can be allowed to multi-material, multi-color, multi-optical efficiency of the full portfolio. For example, popular in 2009 aluminum, acrylic, crystal composition, glass composition, "Water Cube" as the brilliant blue color of the gradient, LED light with the traditional light source to show increases of up to five kinds of effect, such as ambient light.

In addition, if the living room there are paintings and works of art, can be used for auxiliary lighting so light, so that the murals decorations or as a bright spot in the living room. Can be placed on the sofa while a floor lamp, in order to chat with friends and family to create a cordial atmosphere; if there are television sets, audio-visual equipment can be installed in the side wall, watching television for the family to provide the best appropriate lighting.

Kitchen lights: safety first

Kitchen, bathroom relatively heavy smoke and water vapor, and the lamp compared to the other room, how to dust-proof, waterproof, anti-fog, and ensure security before the use of the most important.

Kitchen lighting materials to plastic and glass is better, to facilitate cleaning. If the kitchen also offering a restaurant, set in the table above the first landing and taking off a single mask, single or multi-single-fork-pendant lamp, the light source should be used warm.

Kitchen lights should be dust-proof, waterproof, anti-fog on the seal, fitted kitchen and out to buy lights at the bottom be sure to pay attention to whether the washer, it can effectively and wall lights to ensure seamless co deduction. Also worth mentioning is that, except for prescribed equipment, hidden lamps fitted kitchen, integrated kitchen and light - that is, combined deduction ceiling lighting is installed directly on the market trends.,
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