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How to choose kitchen lighting?

The layout of the kitchen set up the lamp, not only with people's eyesight health, safety and efficiency of activities directly related to impact on the environment but also the spirit of the atmosphere and mood. Therefore, the choice of kitchen lighting, we must meet people's psychological needs, have sufficient illumination to enable the operator to have comfort at the same time, the contrast of light to moderate. Users based on the space environment and the specific conceptual design.

Artificial lighting illumination of the kitchen should be around 200lx, in addition to the installation of scattered light outside of the ceiling or chandelier should be in accordance with the kitchen furniture and cooking arrangements for the layout, select the local lighting and take care of the face wall lamp lighting, high and low adjustable chandelier, and the installation of lights to work off the hood row, conditional, lockers inside lights can be installed so that operation of the kitchen covered face, prepared table, washing units have enough corners, etc. light.

In addition, the safety of clean electricity from the point of view to arrange the kitchen lighting is essential. Lamps should be installed away from the stove as much as possible in order to avoid direct vapor lamp soot. Lighting design should be as succinct as possible in order to facilitate regular cleaning. Ceramic lamp base to choose and use the Secure Sockets. Internal switch is to buy the copper, and good sealing performance, it is necessary to have a moisture-proof, rust-proof effect.

At present, the market is not yet available for the kitchen lighting the lamp to use a large number of species may be living according to their overall layout, select the appropriate long, single-head-style, take-off and landing-style lamps and so on, to use more convenient, prices are also relatively inexpensive at the end. With regard to internal and external cabinet, wall lamp, according to the size of the kitchen area and space utilization of their own choice.,
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