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Mood lighting and more space to the selection of lamps in accordance with

Faced with different colored lights, different people have different choices. However, in the design of your home lighting can be different in accordance with the space to matching lamps:

First of all, the height of the room lamps have a great impact on the choice. If your room is only 2.5 meters high, the length of the lamp itself should be 20 centimeters to 35 centimeters around. Because the light source of about 2.3 meters from the ground, the lighting effects are the best. If your room more than 2.5 meters high, 2.7 meters, such as about choice on the larger. You can choose a general ceiling, has a choice of either 40 cm in length and 50 cm chandelier, the room to create a better decorative effect.

In addition, your attention-storey room at the same time, we should also pay attention to the size of the room. For example, the living room of the layer is 2.5 meters high, covering an area of 15 square meters or greater, then the diameter of the lamp can be about 60 centimeters. If the room larger, can be slightly lower than the height of lamps.

Usually, we are usually the living space from the hall, living room, bedroom, bathroom, such as restaurants and composition. In the selection of your lamp, it is best to set the style living room the main light and style, and so on, so the choice of lighting can become much simpler. Home life than we have at present the main space of the exchange or in the living room, so the main living room light is the focus of the entire room. If you have a high ceiling living room, set aside and the following table lights and other furniture, so choose your best semi-chandelier-style ceiling lamp; if the lower room, the best selection of ceiling lamps, in order to avoid depression.,
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