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Five signs lighting replacement

At present, old lamps, such as incandescent, fluorescent, lamps, etc., have lost their luster, and a large number of novel, highly efficient type lighting is out, as a generation "messenger of light."

1, stylish elegance, high-end trend: very popular, such as high-end chandeliers crystal table lamp,  In addition, the white lights, lights toad lights, garden lights, motorized mirror lights, lighting is even more high-end fashion, elegant. Prices ranging from 50-200 yuan, the market prospect is extremely broad.

2, getting back to basics, advocating natural: nowadays, people getting back to basics, strong advocate on natural psychological. According to market research, about 30% of the lighting used natural attributes. Such as plum blossom wall lamp, tail lamp, light peach, light and so on Horse. There are a lot of lighting carving jacket, Yutu moon, fairies, etc.下凡design, artistry and practicality Shenghui matched.

3, colorful, warm and elegant: this is a rich and varied life, lighting market with a "synchronized." At present, wear trendy lighting and more "colorful" coat, a maple leaf red, coral, yellow, blue grass green and so on, gives a warm, elegant feel.

4, for the energy-saving, economical and practical: there is a pendant lamp energy-saving, power consumption is only 16 watts, but the amount of light can be comparable with the 40-watt incandescent lamp life of 2000 hours, economical and practical. There such as "long-life energy-saving lamps", the use of 3LED chips, can automatically adjust the height of the computer control, energy saving, long life.

5, combination of fashion, a full-featured: Lighting is a modular fashion, such as ceiling lights, lights圆镜achieve combination can be set in a multi-functional, allowing users to enjoy double the consumption and services.,
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