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The choice of light can not be sloppy

Light is the eyes, the selection must not be careless when, according to the size of new houses, as well as a unified whole with decorative style. New houses need to know not just the lamps can be used for lighting, but also responsible for landscaping the new house, creating a heavy atmosphere. Lamps are now a lot of varieties, there are chandeliers, ceiling lamp, table lamp, floor lamp, wall lamp, lighting, etc.; lights also have a lot of color, colorless, white, pink, light blue, light green, gold. Matching household lamp, the lamp should not only consider the shape and price, but also consider the brightness, and brightness is not the definition of glare, after the safe handling, clear soft light. Should be in accordance with the occupants of the occupation, hobbies, fun, matching habits and should be considered furniture, wall color and other factors. The lamp size and the proportion of space is closely related to the purchase should take into account the effect of relevance and placed so as to achieve the coordination of space and sense of integrity.

The living room. If the room higher to use the fork of the trigeminal to five incandescent chandelier, or a large round chandelier, so that the living room looked magnificent. But not with all the chandeliers down with light, while the upper part of the space should have a certain degree of brightness, so as to reduce the brightness difference between upper and lower space. If the customary activities in the living room, living room space
The floor lamp, table lamp on the main decoration, as a supplement for the design of functionality. Floor lamp, table lamps, each with space for auxiliary light source, in order to facilitate coordination with space, shape of the lamp is too strange not suitable. If the room low ceiling plus floor lamp can be used, so generous living room is all the more sprightly, with a modern, floor lamp with
Next to the sofa, the sofa side table technology matched with decorative lamps, wall or near the lower wall lamp placement, so that not only local lighting reading from time to time, but also add in the visitors had a cordial conversation harmony.

Desk. Selection of lamps should be adapted to the nature of work and learning needs of students, should be chosen with reflex enclosures, the bottom opening of the direct lamp, that is, the work or writing table lamp table lamp, table lamp commonly used incandescent light sources, fluorescent lamps. Significantly more than incandescent lamps of high color-rendering index, and the luminous efficiency than incandescent lamps high, they have their own advantages,
According to the needs of each model or style of lighting to choose love.

Bedroom. Here generally do not need strong light, the best choice in the color of soft warm colors, which helps to contrast the warm and comfortable atmosphere. Available wall lamp, floor lamp to replace the central interior of the dome light. Wall to use the low surface brightness diffuse material shade, so that it is light and soft bedroom, conducive to rest.
Bedside cabinet available cluster lamps, reading lamps for lighting, small lamps used to get up for the night. In addition, also in the bedside cabinet or low footlights installed Office, in order to avoid when stimulation by light.

Restroom. To use the wall to avoid condensation of water vapor in the lamp, the impact of lighting and lamps corrosion.

Dining Department. Bright and clean appearance suitable shade of glass, plastic or metal material, in order to keep scrubbing. Lighting floor lamp can also be used in the wall near the warm wall lamp can be properly configured, it would be dinner guests a warm atmosphere, and can enhance the appetite. 

Lamps to be installed in the steam and smoke to avoid the place, to use the glass or enamel shade, easy to clean and corrosion-resistant.

The pursuit of fashion family, can be bars, restaurants, a few bookcases Department lamp lighting placement, not only to highlight the special decoration of these partial results, but also the mood for other shows.,
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