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Popular new trend Lighting

Retro Design

Popular singing songs in total "to their own lights to stay one." Light itself and how much heat can not be distributed, but it often gives us bright warm feeling.

Seeking to commemorate some of the lamps are also popular. Elegant and high-quality commemorative lamp, using form and carved exquisite calligraphy design, full of classic charm with practical, is a new favorite theme. Now, every major historical moment, lamp manufacturers are designed to launch a special edition of rare lamp. Move when there are new home-made to commemorate a lamp, will bless the words inscribed on the lamp holder, as a collection.

Candlestick as a decoration in the use of an option in the mirror, paintings, furniture, doors or windows, etc. on both sides, the installation of a candelabra, to make up a pair. Of course, in some corners, but also to the decoration of a single candlestick. On the desktop can be placed candelabra, some retro flavor, especially placed on the desk, it is distributed to faint smell of books.

Personalized Design

In recent years, simple, fashion has always been fierce wind blowing home decoration market, lighting industry is no exception. Simple stylish modernist style lamp is a unique material with personalized design, with a view to creating a unique personalized quality living space. This category are generally younger consumers, the United States has its own unique understanding. For them, the choice of lamp decoration and the whole family, it is a display of self-space, how much money is a secondary issue, whether to choose to comply with its own aesthetic emotion is the most important products.,
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