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Lighting set up China's largest city back Hing Yubei 6.4 billion investment

Yubei focus signed 18 projects, 6.4 billion investment contracts

China's largest city lighting project set up to finalize Yubei! Yubei district yesterday that journalists from the area in 2009 focused on projects focused on signing the contract signing ceremony of the 18 projects, an investment amounting to 6.4 billion contract, of which the yuan by as much as 16 projects.

Signed project contract amount of investment is the largest wind power equipment, apparatus, chemicals and other military and civilian industrial base projects, from Chongqing, China Chongqing Airport electrical instrument factory in investment and construction of industrial parks, the main development and production of instrumentation such as inertial devices and products (involved in motor vehicle motorcycles, new energy projects, military products, etc.). The project to 260 acres of land for a total investment of one billion yuan, the project can be realized after the completion of an annual output value from 2000 to 2500 million yuan, 110 million yuan in profits and taxes to provide about 2000 jobs.

Port from the Lighting Co., Ltd. Chongqing Airport Industrial Zone B in the construction of China's largest city lighting project in Hong Kong International Lighting --- Golden Village (tentative name), to be 280 acres of land for a total investment of 800 million yuan, when completed, to achieve annual sales revenue 3.0 billion. Yubei area, according to the relevant person in charge of economic commission, the city lights, lighting will be set up museums, exhibition centers, assembly center. Its sales of lighting will be the main star hotel, villas and other high-end market, products in addition to sales in Chongqing will be exported to Europe and America.

In addition, Yubei water, land and air transport hub of an integrated regional advantages, but also attract a number of logistics enterprises forced entry. Post Chongqing will invest 435 million yuan in building a Yubei Chongqing covers an area of 130 mu Courierpost logistics and distribution center for monitoring international express mail centers. Yonghui Supermarket will be investments 2 billion, at room temperature in the agricultural park distribution centers, distribution centers and fresh processing, food processing plants.

According to statistics, Yubei the 18 projects signed, involving Auto, agricultural machinery, electrical equipment, precision electronics, agricultural products processing, chemical and biological products are environmentally friendly and efficient investment projects, all expected to achieve after the completion of an annual output value or sales of 21.2 billion to provide jobs of about 10,000.,,,
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